How to fit vertical blinds

When fitting vertical blinds you will first need to position the brackets, making sure to use a level and mark the place the screws will go. Then use a masonry drill to screw the brackets in place, then clip the headrail in. Finally hook the fabric slats into the travellers.

Fitting vertical blinds is a simple task, but before you get started, check you have the right tools for the job. Your blinds should have come with the screws that you need to fit the blinds to the wall. You will also need a spirit level, masonry drill, tape measure and screwdriver.

Vertical blinds are a great option to dress windows, they’re great for their versatility to window sizes. If you’ve decided to fit within the window recess for a closer fit or the wall for more of a freestanding look then you’ll need slightly different methods when it comes to fitting vertical blinds. When fitting inside a recess, simply fit to the top of the lintel, whereas outside the recess will require fitting to the wall above.

Part 1

Fitting the brackets

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1. Place your brackets against the wall and use your pencil to mark the position of the screw holes.

2. Use your drill to create holes over the markings

3. Position your brackets over the holes and drill the screws into place to secure the brackets.

Part 2

Fitting the rail to the brackets

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1. Position the rail so that the control mechanism is on the desired side.

2. Hold the rail up the brackets and tilt.

3. Push firmly forward and up to clip the rail into place.

4. Finally secure it by tightening the short screws on the front of the bracket.

Part 3

Hanging the slats

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1. Pick up your fabric slats and bring the metal circle to the top.

2. Hook the metal circle on the first slat into the first traveller.

3. From there work your way through all of the slats, hooking each into individual travellers until you have hung the complete blind.

Part 4

Installing your safety mechanism

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The cord, which powers the blinds, can be a strangulation hazard to children and animals if it’s not kept taught and out of the way. To prevent any problems occurring, we advise that you install your safety device when you fit your blind.

1. Find the maximum distance the control chain will stretch to

2. Hook your safety device into the chain and mark the position of the two screws

3. Screw holes into the wall over these markings

4. Reposition your device over the holes, ensuring the chain is taught

5. Drill the screws into the holes to secure the device in place

Now you know how easy and fast fitting vertical blinds yourself is, know that they are available in a range of material and colours to fit in all around your home. If you do have any problems, please get in touch with our team and we would be more than happy to help.